Our Approach

We don't reinvent the wheel but we do make sure it's fit for purpose.

We combine a wealth of experience with data analysis techniques to make sure that we identify issues and opportunities at the earliest part of the process.

Our in-house suite of applications allow us to mine historical well data from a variety of data sources, and our Aurora Well Optimisation System (AWOS) allows us to build a visualisation layer and make data comparisons quick and easy.

How can we help?

Pre-project stage

No job is too big or too small to benefit from our data driven optimisation process and bespoke software.

AWOS utilised to analyse drilling efficiency trends on analogous wells.

Selecting optimum drilling system components/complete drilling systems using AWOS, C3 cutting structure durability indexing, BE3 cutting structure efficiency and BHA/drill-string analysis to ensure all objectives will be achieved during operations.

Operational stage

Using AWOS during the operational phase, of the project, to support and inform the decision making process.

In real time, AWOS compares current drilling data with your control data to immediately indicate drilling system dysfunction during operations.


Post-project stage

Our end of well report includes post mortem investigation of both mud logging data and time based drilling data and distributes lessons learned / recommendations based on AWOS analysis.

Feeding our recommendations into your future projects deliver additional gains.