Our Expertise

We predict the future by learning from the past. The result is your project is delivered on budget AND on time.

Every well has a substantial data footprint. We mine this data to uncover key relationships within the information contained in AWOS.

A prime example of this is the digitisation of all of the geological data we have available. This allows us to explore the relationship between multiple wells' drilling characteristics, across the world, based on each well's geological profile.

AWOS provides a visualisation layer for this data which allows us to identify issues at all stages of your project. This means that before you commence operations we can predict how your drilling system will perform as well as being able to monitor it's performance while you sleep!

We collaborate with leading independent specialists to carry outdrilling data analysis and mining, BHA geometry analysis, BHA trajectory optimisation, drilling system dynamics modelling and torque/drag/buckling investigation. In our experience, these steps are instrumental in avoiding drilling inefficiencies and delivering improved well-bore quality.

We are a small agile team ready to react to today's changing market!