Drilling system efficiency analysis

Aurora’s in-house software, AWOS, provides detailed drilling system efficiency analysis during live drilling operations, enabling critical decision making in real-time, 24/7. AWOS also provides accurate efficiency analysis at the pre and post-well stages of operations. In all cases this eliminates any guesswork, saving valuable time and money.

Cutting structure durability indexing

Aurora’s C3 software establishes the durability delivered by fixed cutter products versus product characteristics of previously used bits across all bit sizes and all relevant applications.

Cutting structure efficiency indexing

Aurora’s proprietary efficiency indexing model establishes an individual fixed cutter drill bits efficiency. Data is analysed using a standardised process that compares the numeric values of the design features used in fixed cutter drill bit design. BE3 has proved repeatedly, that accurate and risk-free predictions for operational performance improvements can be made using this software.

Aurora identify issues and opportunities at the earliest part of the process