Our Performance

90 projects with an average AFE saving of $350,000 per project delivered to our clients.

Our blank canvas methodology delivers it's findings where the main causes of drilling NPT are identified during the non-operational phase. This allows plans to be put in place to nullify costly knee jerk reactions during the expensive operational phase of a project.

By ensuring that their projects are delivered on time, our un-biased drilling optimisation services help our clients deliver wells without train wrecks and within budget.

The case studies presented below are a small sample of the work we have carried out across the world in the last decade. Further worldwide case studies are available upon request.

AWOS Drilling System Analysis

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Operator in ME tasked Aurora to deploy it’s novel AWOS software, on a development project, to ensure that a like for like comparison could be carried out whilst incorporating a new technology within the drilling system.

AWOS project successfully delivered with 3 x 12-1/4” and 4 x 6” test intervals being complete with zero-low on bottom vibration recorded, no DTF’s and reduced running time for intermediate casing and production liners being achieved.

C3 Indexing Model Application

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Aurora were tasked with examining the drilling performance in the 12 1/4” section of an offset well, where 3x products and 4x runs were required to drill to section TD through the clean chalk in the upper Cretaceous.

By following the Aurora process, and utilising our proprietary C3 software, we ascertained that through proper bit selection (>C3) would result in only two products being required to drill to TD without sacrificing ROP.

BE3 Indexing Model Application

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After successfully drilling 3 x wells on an 8 x well development campaign, Aurora introduced its drill bit efficiency indexing model to their client for use over the next 5 x wells.

The BE3 efficiency indexing model was recommended to establish if a different fixed cutter drill bit could deliver AFE ROP improvements, without changing the drilling system and on a small offshore rig where operating parameters were already at their limits.

Geothermal Ultra High Temp & Hard Rock Project

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An Australian ultra-high temperature geothermal operator contracted Aurora to undertake a pre-well optimisation analysis and deliver hands on operations support during the 12 1/4" hole section drilling operations.

Aurora was tasked with reducing the number of drilling systems used and drilling without the vibration that caused catastrophic drill system failures on the previous two wells in the field.

Offshore HPHT Best in Class Performance

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The Aurora drilling optimisation plan was devised to cover each and every section of the well (primary and contingency options) to meet the needs of the customer, on what would be it’s 1st HPHT drilled on the UK continental shelf.

The drilling optimisation plan included a geological based road map for the drilling system runs, ring fenced equipment listings, bespoke products for inclusion into the drilling system to reduce the negative effects of lateral and torsional vibration.