An Overview of Aurora Well Optimisation System (AWOS): More Efficient Drilling Operations

With over 100 years of combined experience in drilling, we became all too familiar with the key issues impacting the industry. We were challenged by them daily. Then came the question:

Are wells being drilled efficiently?

We didn’t think the drilling process was as efficient as it could be. For instance, there was an opportunity to enhance drilling performance from the first pre-well planning stages. We realised that, with data, making smarter decisions that better align across each stage. A comprehensive solution could streamline the complex multi-stage global drilling process. So, in 2013, we set out to develop the Aurora Well Optimisation System (AWOS).

Harrie Oort, co-owner and director of Aurora

Finding the perfect solution for AWOS

We explored the market extensively in our quest to find a solution that would perfectly align with our vision for AWOS. However, we encountered a significant roadblock – existing tools simply didn’t measure up. They could not deliver the optimisation level and data-driven decision-making AWOS promised.

Undeterred by this setback, we took matters into our own hands. We embarked on a mission to develop our very own in-house solution, ensuring that it perfectly aligns with our goals and the specific needs of our clients.

Today, we have created a powerful tool that exceeds expectations. With AWOS, you can optimise your drilling operations like never before, making informed decisions and achieving remarkable results.

Addressing industry challenges at every stage

There are multiple stages in the drilling process, each requiring experience and knowledge of what technology is available. Each stage is time-sensitive and costly to manage. It also involves several stockholders and vast amounts of data. AWOS provides a central data repository to augment decision-making during operations based on data collected from thousands of wells drilled globally. This data can guide the operator in selecting the most suitable equipment for the drilling campaign while highlighting risks that must be mitigated.


AWOS enables us to identify the main suspects of underperformance, allowing for targeted improvements, prior to drilling operations.

In real-time, AWOS provides a clear and concise viewpoint of drilling system inefficiency, drill bit wear as the run progresses and hole gauge condition compared to the key offset wells. This approach enables effective active decision-making.


AWOS delivers a visual overview of what took place during the drilling process, allowing you to zoom into specific areas to look more closely at problematic intervals.

How AWOS delivers drilling optimisation

AWOS supports the entire lifecycle of a drilling project. The system helps to simplify the complex task of selecting the appropriate components for each drilling stage

AWOS stores and analyses various data sets, including drill bits, lithology, mud types, and rig data. Therefore, it provides valuable insights into equipment performance and issue resolution. By eliminating the scattered data storage and creating a structured environment, you have access to crucial project information for future use.

The benefits of using AWOS

By providing a high-level risk assessment analysis for well planning, execution, and post-well phases, you can make informed choices based on vast amounts of data sets. AWOS revolutionises drilling operations by enabling digital, data-driven decisions for optimised drilling efficiency.

The system is a central repository, collating and storing data from drilling campaigns. Key benefits of using AWOS are:

  • Optimising equipment selection
  • Mitigating risks of typical drilling challenges
  • Reducing non-productive time (NPT)
  • Improving technical and economic outcomes

Saving up to five days of rig time

One of the most significant advantages of AWOS is its ability to identify and nullify the main causes of NPT during the non-operational phase.

By leveraging detailed data analytics, AWOS enables operators to mitigate risks and optimise drilling operations before costly operational phases begin. Additionally, AWOS presents relevant data in a wide-screen format. This enhanced data visibility and decision-making support translate into increased cost savings. Depending on the scope of the AWOS project, this can range from 6 hours to 5 days of rig time per well.

Investing in AWOS is a strategic move

In today’s competitive landscape, timely and budget-conscious project delivery is paramount. AWOS empowers operators and well management companies to define project costs accurately. It also helps establish well Authorisation for Expenditure (AFE) that aligns with the desired outcomes.

By leveraging AWOS, companies can enhance their chances of meeting technical and economic targets without incurring significant cost overruns between the planning and execution phases.

Ready to optimise your drilling operations?

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