AWOS Drilling System Analysis

ME – Development.


What we set out to achieve

An operator in ME tasked Aurora to deploy its novel AWOS software, on a development project, to ensure that a like for like comparison could be carried out whilst incorporating a new technology within the drilling system.


What we did

Aurora carried out real time drilling efficiency analysis using their AWOS software on behalf of their client during a new technology test. AWOS was utilised to evaluate the benefit and performance capabilities of a new technology in a series of development wells.

The drilling system, incorporating the new technology, drilled a 4601ft interval in one run that mirrored previous offset development wells building inclination from 12 degrees up to over 50 degrees.


Driving improved performance

Limited divergence in AWOS Energy IN versus Efficiency OUT plots show vibration free operating environment compared to offset wells without new BHA technology.
All directional objectives achieved.
Zero to low severity vibration levels throughout, no MWD / LWD failures – no extra trip time incurred.
9 5/8″ casing run with no obstruction or hold up’s recorded, substantial rig time savings.