Drilling Optimisation – Australia

Hands-on operation delivers performance improvements at the first attempt.


What we set out to achieve

An Australian ultra-high temperature geothermal operator contracted Aurora to undertake a pre-well optimisation analysis and deliver hands on operations support during the 121⁄4” hole section drilling operations.

Aurora was tasked to reduce the number of drilling systems used and drilling without the vibration that caused catastrophic drill system failures on the previous two wells in the field.


What we did

With these objectives set by the operator, the Aurora team built the drilling optimisation plan around this and focused on the following:

  • Stabilisation of the drilling systems modelled to resist lateral vibrations during this deep 121⁄4” hole section.
  • Utilisation of new stabilisation technology to ensure this happened.
  • Introduction of an untried drilling system for the later stages to increase ROP and drill bit life.


Driving improved performance

The Aurora drilling optimisation plan delivered the following results on this hard rock ultra high temperature section for the Australian operator.

27%reduction in the number of drilling systems employed to complete the interval.
18%increase in overall ROP.
28%reduction in the number of drilling hours required to drill the 1400m interval.
6.0rig days savings delivered by the Aurora drilling optimisation plan on this deep ultra-high temperature geothermal exploration well to the operator.