Drilling Optimisation – UK

BE3 Indexing Model Application – UK SNS Development Project.


What we set out to achieve

After successfully drilling 3 x wells on an 8 x well development campaign, Aurora was tasked with introducing its drill bit efficiency indexing model to their client for use over the next 5 x wells.


What we did

The BE3 efficiency indexing model was recommended to establish if a different fixed cutter drill bit could deliver AFE ROP improvements, without changing the drilling system and on a small offshore rig where operating parameters were already at their limits.

The BE3 is an efficiency indexing model that derives its results from a standardised process that compares the numeric values of the design features used in a fixed cutter drill bit design. The BE3 works in conjunction with Aurora’s proven C3 durability indexing software ensuring complete analysis of the product cutting structure requirements for the customer.

New drill bit designs were requested from the contracted vendors and the BE3 efficiency indexing model was run. The model suggested that a 6-10% ROP improvement would be possible under the above-mentioned conditions but using less WOB through the use of one of the designs offered by the vendors.

Based on the BE3 results the client approved the new fixed cutter drill bit design initiation for a trial run on the 4th well. The main risks of using a new fixed cutter drill bit design were identified and their ability to negatively affect rig time was mitigated through the deployment of fit-for-purpose solutions during the non-operational phase and not during the very expensive operations phase.


Driving improved performance

The use of the Aurora BE3 / C3 efficiency and durability indexing models, at the pre-well stage, will increase the likelihood of achieving technical and economic targets without significant cost overruns during the execution phase.

1stuse of BE3 efficiency indexing model on well number 4 of the 8 well development campaign.
5.1ft/hraverage ROP increase per hole section drilled on the final 5 x development wells.
43%less WOB required to deliver ROP increase than that used on the first 3 x wells.
$218ksavings equating 16 rig hours over 5 x wells.

The use of the BE3 efficiency indexing model proved that accurate and risk-free predictions for operational performance gains can be made through revision of a fixed cutter drill bits design at the short notice.