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Aurora Well Optimisation System aka AWOS supports digital, data-driven decisions for optimised drilling performance. The software enables well planning, execution, and post-well phases, providing a high-level risk assessment analysis for the entire section, well, or wells being drilled.

What Our Clients Say – Maersk

I am happy that we employed Aurora for the correct reasons, and your study and feedback was exactly the type of analysis we were after. It helped us to navigate through the minefield of bit pr oposals and drilling applications in a more engineered and educated approach.

Maersk, HPHT Team Leader

Why Choose AWOS?

Revolutionising Drilling Component Selection

AWOS addresses the challenges of selecting the components needed for drilling a well. With several stages in the drilling process, each requiring experience and knowledge, AWOS provides a central data repository that augments decision-making during operations. It guides operators in selecting the optimal equipment, performing a cost-benefit analysis, and mitigating risks.


AWOS analyses the drilling performance data to compare progress made per revolution on the current well versus the pertinent offset through various formations. The reduced time spent in the red zone on the current well highlights the improved performance in this set of formations.

AWOS stores and collates vast datasets from drilling campaigns in a structured manner, allowing easy access, review, and decision-making for future wells. Historical data on drill bits, rock formations, lithology, mud types, weights, casing, top drive, and rig data are stored in AWOS. Say goodbye to scattered and lost data – AWOS provides a logical, structured environment for all drilling data, supporting global access and data-driven drilling operations.


AWOS allows Aurora’s Specialist team to monitor drilling in real time, comparing the actual well to an offset. As drilling progresses, AWOS identifies drilling efficiency trends (positive & negative) in the drilling system. Thus, pertinent corrective action can be taken in cost effective time frame.

What Our Clients Say – Shell

When comparing the drilling performance on our KTSE-1 well with offset wells we see a clear and very significant improvement in ROP and run length s. Thus, we believe that this excellent performance is mainly the result of the work done by Aurora.

Shell, Drilling Manager


Enhanced Data Management and Accessibility

During the pre-well phase, AWOS allows you to highlight the main suspects of less-than-expected performance. During operations, AWOS provides a clear and concise viewpoint, in real-time, of drilling system inefficiency, drill bit wear as the run progresses, and hole condition in terms of gauge compared to the key offset wells. During the post-well phase, AWOS delivers a visual overview of what happened while drilling with the ability to zoom into specific areas to look more closely at problem intervals.

AWOS delivers detailed data analytics that identifies and nullifies the leading causes of Non-Productive Time (NPT) during the non-operational phase, saving valuable time and resources. By providing a wide-screen format for all relevant data, AWOS offers superior insights compared to the narrow bands currently available to operators and well-management companies.


Efficiency and Cost Reduction at Every Step

Top management from operators now requires wells to be delivered on time and within budget. To meet this need, AWOS helps define project costs and well(s) AFE (Authorisation for Expenditure). With AWOS, you increase the likelihood of achieving technical and economic targets without significant cost overruns. Depending on the scope of the AWOS project, cost savings per well can range from 6 hours of rig time for a well outline review up to 5 days of rig time.

What Our Clients Say – Hurricane Exploration

This is the only company who have the knowledge and the ability to provide an objective proposal for not only the drill bits, but also the optimum drive mechanism.

Hurricane Exploration, Operations Manager

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